Can't ignore the `gh-pages` branch



Hi, I’ve followed the guidelines on how to blacklist the gh-pages branch from being built. However, CircleCI tries to build/test that branch whenever it’s being pushed on, even though it’s ignored and only master and feature-* branches are whitelisted. I would be grateful for some insights how I could avoid running the gh-pages branch at all. Here’s my circle.yml file:



Hi knikel - i’ve had the same problem with ignoring gh-pages branch in my project.

Today i stumbled upon this link:

By adding a commit message which contains [ci skip] - circleci won’t do anything for this new commit. So i just tried it out by improving my deploy command in my package.json:

“deploy”: “gh-pages -m ‘auto commit [ci skip]’ -d dist”

And this works! The gh-pages branch remains quite now :slight_smile:


Thanks @rvetere, works as expected. Ideally I would prefer not to see the gh-pages branch in Circle, but that will do for now. Thank you :).



I was running into this issue as well, but then I realized my branch that I wanted to ignore did not have a circle.yml in it.

In order for the ignore config to work, every branch must have a copy of your circle.yml in it. Including the gh-pages branch (or the branch you want to ignore) for example.


Thanks. That worked for me.