Building a branch that isn't the default one

Hi there,

I’m currently trialling CircleCI for my organisation, and have tested a fresh iOS project and got it running, but now I’d like to test one of our current iOS projects. I’ve created a new branch and set up a circle.yml file and have the relevant fastlane files in place. I then add my project and it automatically tries to build against the develop branch.

I’d like to be able to only build this branch, and ignore all other branches while testing it, but it seems that I can’t select a branch anywhere for my build to default to.



@neilsheppard - did you happen to get an answer or solution to this? I’m running into the same problem. Thanks in advance!

circle.yml and any branch whitelist or blacklist needs to be in every single branch. Even the branches you don’t plan on building in CircleCI. That’s how it will know not to build a branch.

If master is updated and the whitelist is present on that branch, CircleCI doesn’t know that you want to ignore it because it doesn’t go through every available branch.