Can't connect to react.js project from circle-ci

Trying to run tests on my react application in circle-ci. I’ve used cypress before but never with circle-ci. After seeing localhost fail and googling a bit, I came across Can't connect to node HTTP server running on localhost - #6 by sdubois So I’ve tried that using wait-on to try to connect to my project which should be running at according to npm start.

For whatever reason, however, that still doesn’t work with ECONNREFUSED. So finally, I rerun the job with ssh, and ssh into my job. I run npm start, which outputs: Project is running at So I try curl and I still get ECONNREFUSED.

Anything that I’m missing. I know my app is running, I know the ip that it should be running on, so why can’t I connect to it?

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Nevermind, I’m dumb and forgot the port

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