Getting net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED at error when trying to run tests against localhost

HI all, I am getting this error when running my tests against the local host-net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED at error when trying to run tests against localhost
I can see that the server is started based on this output in the previous to running the tests step
Connecting to… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
But then I get this error when trying to run my tests against the localhost net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED at
Also, I am not using docker
Any idea why is this happening?

Hi @alexkyrylenkoproven ,

Although I’m not sure at all if it’s related to the issue you’re having, I noticed a slight difference.

You mention that the previous step before running the tests says:

Connecting to connected

However, the error you’re getting references another port:


Could this be a misconfiguration of your tests?

thank you @yannCI - you were correct I was trying to call on a wrong port. However, after switching to the correct port, I am still getting this error - net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED at
this is the part of the yml file that starts the server and runs the tests:

    - install-deps:
          - run:
              name: starting node server
              command: mkdir logs && npm run start | tee logs/node_server.log
              background: true
          - run:
              name: storing local IP address
              command: node -p "require('ip').address()" > logs/ip.log
          - run:
              name: waiting for node server to start
              command: wget --retry-connrefused --waitretry=2 -t 5 "http://$(cat logs/ip.log):3002" > /dev/null
          - run: npx playwright install --with-deps
          - run: npm run test:ui:ci
    - store_artifacts:
        path: ./playwright-report
        destination: artifacts

And then, the base url is set like baseURL: http://${require('ip').address()}:3002