Cannot find msbuild solution

What path do i put on my yml file in order for my build to go through?

Build started

[2]( clone -q --branch=master C:\projects\servicefabric

[3]( checkout -qf 597c28aa800c150b56bc79e50cee6501745b1d44

[4]( restore

[5]( folder 'C:\projects\servicefabric' does not contain an msbuild solution or packages.config file to restore.

[6]( exited with code 1

Code Repo

YML File

version: 1.0.{build}
skip_tags: true
image: Visual Studio 2019
configuration: Release
platform: Any CPU

  - nuget restore
  - choco install opencover.portable
  - choco install codecov

  verbosity: detailed
  project: ServiceModelEx.ServiceFabric\Microservice.sln