Cannot access localhost:8080 page when i try to run vuejs app using docker-compose


Im facing an issue with docker-compose, when i try to run vuejs app inside a container.
First i build vuejs app using :

docker-compose docker-compose run node npm run build -- --mode=iso

so a folder ‘dist’ is created successfully in the project root, then i try to run server using this command :

docker-compose run e2e npm run serve 

as an output of this command :

App running at:
** - Local: http://localhost:8080/**

** It seems you are running Vue CLI inside a container.**
** Access the dev server via http://localhost:<your container’s external mapped port>/**

** App is served in production mode.**
** Note this is for preview or E2E testing only.**

But when i try to access the page, i got : cannot access this page …

==> node service is dedicated to install all dependencies
==> e2e service is dedicated to run server and when it’s up i will run then e2e tests

Any suggestions ??