Can I prevent jobs with parallelism > 1 from blocking for all executors to be available before starting?

I just pushed a branch where I’m switching to a workflow to take better advantage of parallelism:

workflow config

The test_rb step is set with parallelism: 3; all other jobs are the default of 1.

We are paying for 4 executors:

There are 2 unrelated jobs running at the moment, which means there should be 2 free. However, it appears that the next job to run (with parallelism 3) is waiting for 3 executors to all be available at the same time. Additionally, this is preventing any other jobs from processing. By attempting to use more parallelism, the workflow is actually forcing us into less.

Here’s the queue visualization from the last job:


How can I configure the job with parallelism 3 to not wait for 3 executors to be available, but instead run each job as soon as possible?

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I also have the same problem. I think that if the next job in queue needs 3 container and 1 container is available. Then it should run 1 out of 3 container for next job. I think that if CircleCI can handle different finish time for parallel containers then it should be able to handle different start time for parallel container.

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