Can CircleCI tells me which branches are failing a specific test? Or a variety of tests?

I am working on a project with 20 other devs, we have a power of 20 number of branches, 1200 tests, and CircleCI.

CircleCI tells me of a specific test my branch failed:

Your job ran 1229 tests with 1 failure

  1. test_error_counts_normal_case - > ronco.apps.labs.tests.TestPocketFishermanLethality ronco/apps/labs/tests/

This doesn’t seem to be my error, as I work on the Ronco Veg-O-Matic and not on the Ronco Pocket Fisherman so it would be interesting if CircleCI could tell me:

  • what other branches are failing this specific test?
  • how long have branches been failing this test?
  • for any period of time, which branch first failed a test?

Is there CircleCI functionality to tell me what tests are failing across which branches and for what periods of time?

I’ve not used it, but I believe there is some build history available in the CircleCI HTTP API - might that be worth looking at?

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