Calling git during docker build

I’m having a problem with my build where git requests (in this case git describe --always --tags) hang while doing a docker build. Is there some configuration I’m missing to allow the docker daemon on the circleci boxes to be able to call git from within docker? These same builds run totally fine on my local machine.

If it helps, I’m using rebar to build an erlang service. I cannot build on the circleCI box because the OS does not match what I’m running in docker, and one of my dependencies compiles to call a particular system library. This will fail to run if I compile on circleCI and copy into docker. Below is the last step of my docker build. I believe the last line about exit status is due to circleci killing the build after waiting 10 min.

Step 13 : RUN rebar -vvv --config rebar.conf compile
—> Running in 957375d24c5c
DEBUG: Consult config file "/ms/rebar.conf"
DEBUG: Rebar location: "/usr/bin/rebar"
DEBUG: Consult config file "/ms/src/"
DEBUG: is_app_available, looking for App jiffy with Path “/ms/deps/jiffy"
DEBUG: Consult config file “/ms/deps/jiffy/src/"
DEBUG: vcs_vsn: Primary vcs used for /ms/deps/jiffy
INFO: sh info:
cwd: “/ms"
cmd: git describe --always --tags
DEBUG: opts: [{cd,”/ms/deps/jiffy”},{use_stdout,false}]
DEBUG: Port Cmd: “git describe --always --tags"
Port Opts: [{cd,”/ms/deps/jiffy”},

use_stdio,stderr_to_stdout,hide] command docker build -t merch-serv:$CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM . took more than 10 minutes since last output