Call CCI API with user as parameter


I’m calling CircelCi from Github Action using CCI API to trigger workflow every commit a user does as follows (I don’t want to use Webhooks to call CCI)

The CCI Token that I use is the token of Ops user - When looking to the Dashboard I see that the user which trigger the CI is Ops (and not the user which commit the)

I know the user which push the commit - Is there any way to make CCI to think that the user which invoke the CI is the user which commit (so that the Dashboard will show the user which commit)

Some thing like parameter or Header ?

curl -X POST --fail --show-error "${{ github.repository_owner }}/${{ }}/pipeline" \
          --header "Circle-Token: ${{ secrets.CIRCLECI_API_TOKEN }}" \
          --header "content-type: application/json" \
          --data "{\"branch\":my_branch,\"parameters:my_workflow:true}}"

Hi @dudicertora,

API tokens are associated with a specific user, and any api requests made with that token will automatically be associated with that user.

Due to this, there is no way to specify a user when making the request, and the only workaround would be to create a token for every user, and implement some logic in the Action to use the token of the specific user.

Please feel free to create a feature request for this, and leave feedback on the following page:

Thank you!


Thanks for your answer

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