Cache restore is failing


Has anyone seen something like this?

No cache is found for key: v10-joint-registry-plt-cache-flux-i4zLrLNYdkgqw6WE6GTeSvi+cQI2wshhEBbnTiaA2Hs=
Found a cache from build 2109 at v10-joint-registry-plt-cache-flux
Size: 24 MB
Cached paths:
  * /home/circleci/joint-registry/_build
  * /home/circleci/.mix

Downloading cache archive...
Validating cache...

Unarchiving cache...
tar: home/circleci/joint-registry/_build/test/lib/ssl_verify_fun/ebin: Cannot open: File exists
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

Error untarring cache: exit status 2

It seems like tar on the CircleCI is failing to overwrite, is it related to this?