Builds failing to contact keyserver

We’ve got a build that verifies some PGP keys by contacting a keyserver. Today that’s been failing. But it works locally for us. Why would I be able to contact the keyserver locally but CircleCI can’t?

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 9554F04D7259F04124DE6B476D5A82AC7E37093B
gpg: requesting key 7E37093B from hkp server
gpg: keyserver timed out
gpg: keyserver receive failed: keyserver error


I am getting this constantly also! +1

i am getting this too. +1

Same issue here

Any resolution on this? Trying a slightly tweaked url worked a few times (following this suggestion and then circleci threw the same error.

Same issue since 2 days, this is very annoying …
Who blame ? circleci or ?

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