Builds failing due to 'Config Processing Error'

We started getting this error but we have changed nothing:

Config Processing Error (Don't rerun)00:00
Exit code: 1
#!/bin/sh -eo pipefail
# Unexpected exception processing config
# Please contact support
# -------
# Warning: This configuration was auto-generated to show you the message above.
# Don't rerun this job. Rerunning will have no effect.
Exited with code 1

New branches seem to be failing, but old branches will succeed. We haven’t changed the config at all.


Thanks so much for your patience. The issue should now be resolved, but if you’re still experiencing problems, please try pushing a fresh build. (Reruns will continue to see the error).

If you push a fresh build, and still see this error, please do get in touch with us in support directly.

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