Building project with private github gem




Is there a way to allow a private gem to be used in a project in CircleCi?
I didn’t find any information about it in the documentation and one of my building is failing because CircleCi don’t have access to the gem I created.



Perhaps use a CircleCI UI-based/private Environment Variable?



This doesn’t really answer my problem.
It seems like the best info I found in your documentation is to give you the right to create a user with the same right than me to allow it to access the private gem project.
Can I create manually a github user and associate it with CircleCI ?



I think I see what you mean. In your project’s settings you’ll see a section called “Checkout SSH Keys”. As long as you own (or have the appropriate rights) to the private repo on GitHub, you can use a user key here to access it. You can set it up by clicking the button.

This basically is the same process you would normally use with GitHub when you add an SSH key to authorize a device, except in this case it’s a build container.