Building a Unity Project on OS X



So I have a circle.yml file that given an OS X box will download and install Unity and the Unity iOS Build System. Now I need to have Unity do it’s magic so I can generate an iOS project. Unfortunately when the build starts up in circle it tells me it can’t find a project:

We couldn't find a workspace or project to build. Try setting this manually with environment variables 'XCODE_WORKSPACE' or 'XCODE_PROJECT'

Action failed: Configure the build

Now, this should be expected because Unity hasn’t built it yet. Can the OS X boxes not just assume they are building an xcode project immediately? Can they just be another kind of box that happens to be OS X and let me drive =)

It would also be awesome if Unity was already installed :wink:


So I just set XCODE_PROEJCT and my error went away… so I’ll take that for now.

Still though, having Unity pre-installed would be nice =)

Right now it has to download an additional 2.4 gig to get going.

  • 400 mb for the Unity Editor
  • 2 gb for the iOS Pack


We don’t have any plans to offer official support for Unity, but you should make this into a feature request so we can gauge the demand.

Thank you!


I have a project where the .xcodeproj and .xcworkspace files are generated just before the build step. Because Circle looks for XCODE_WORKSPACE and XCODE_PROJECT in the machine step, and I can’t override the machine step, I fall into the same bucket as aventurella.

If there were a config option to let Circle know that the workspace is coming in a later step it’d be much appreciated. For now I’ll try setting these env variables as suggested.


What does one set the XCODE_WORKSPACE to? The root Unity project? If I set them to anything CircleCI still gives me a warning:

The file 'foo' set for 'XCODE_PROJECT' was not found. This situation may cause errors if it is not auto-generated.