BuildConfig type error

Hi, I have an App Id That I saved in the Environment Variable of my project, I, however, encounter this error “:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac/home/circleci/code/app/build/generated/source/buildConfig/debug/com/idealorb/hangoutspots/ error: integer number too large: 516625XXXXXXXX” when ./gradlew lint test executes. this command works fine on my local machine where I saved the App Id value as String type in my app module gradle file.

I got the same thing, tried to do as String and .toString(), but didn’t work either.

Ended up deleting the old environment variable XXXXX and re-adding it as “XXXXX”. This worked when building.

If anyone knows of a better way, let me know.

Thanks for sharing your experience here.

Where specifically is this being done?

In my app level build.gradle.

android {
buildtypes {
val token: String
by extra(findProperty(“API_TOKEN”) as String?
?: System.getenv(“API_TOKEN”).toString()/as String)
getByName(“debug”) {
buildConfigField(“String”, “API_TOKEN”, token)

Probably better to do something like:

buildConfigField(“String”, “API_TOKEN”, "\ “” + token + "\ “”)

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