Integer Environment variables

I have set up an environment variable with a port number (8888 in this case). I would like to provide that as a parameter to a command that expects an integer:

  • wait-for/port:
    port: 8888

When I try this I get a yaml error saying a string has been received when an integer was expected:

  • wait-for/port:

Is there a way to use an environment variable where an integer is expected?

Hello sxh!

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It appears an Orb is being used in this case, if the Orb defines the variable type as integer, it won’t be able to accept an environment variable. The parameter type for a parameter you’d like to assign as an environment variable is env_var_name.

If you are using someone else’s Orb, you can grab the source code using the CLI command circleci orb source namespace/orbname, make any changes and republish under your namespace.