Build PR with environment variables like AWS and others


My current pipeline is using a private repo and in the end, submitting the packages to an S3 bucket.
and using this we build the PRs as well.

I would like to move to Circleci (today building this with Jenkins) but I’m concerning in the sharing the env vars to PRs since the docs say to not do that and looks like there is not trigger word to validate the PR before building.
There is another way, besides not building the private repo and using some lamba functions to get the artifacts from CircleCI and then upload to S3?

using the ORBs will help?


Would you point to the part of the docs that you are referring to?

Can you expand on what you are worried about here? Do you mean PRs in the same team, or PRs on forks?

PR on the forks.
I would like to checkout a private repo and also upload files to S3


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