Build not run is blocking pipeline

I recently started using CircleCI for testing.

I got this pipeline stuck with a build that shows status = “not run”, and I am not able to cancel it or work with because it says the project is unfollowed, even though I am indeed following the project. I would like to get this pipeline deleted so I can test my project correctly.


Welcome to CircleCI. The workflow may not have been run for a multitude of reasons. It is hard to pinpoint the reason without having a look at your config.yml file and settings. Having a “NOT_RUN” workflow in your workflows will have no impact on future builds.

Hello Henna, thanks for answering so quickly.

Here is my config.yml code:

And also a screenshoot of the reasons listed of the build that is blocked:

I tried to set up the project again, but it didn’t work. I ignore how should I proceed in order to be able to test the project and create a new pipeline.

Thank you in advance.

The issue is already solved. I deleted the associated repository from github, and then created a new one. Then I could launch the pipeline without any errors.

Thanks for the support.

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