Build fail because connectiontimeout

suddenly build fails…

could you help me??

local build is no probleam…

only circle Ci build’s fails…

Execution failed for task ‘:sherlock:androidDependencies’.

Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ‘:sherlock:debugCompileClasspath’.
Could not resolve com.appboy:android-sdk-ui:2.0.+.
Required by:
project :sherlock > project :lezhin-appboy
Could not resolve com.appboy:android-sdk-ui:2.0.+.
Failed to list versions for com.appboy:android-sdk-ui.
Unable to load Maven meta-data from
Could not get resource ‘’.
Could not GET ‘’.
Connect to [,] failed: connect timed out

That’s odd, I’m getting a 404 on those XML resources, not a timeout. Can you try a wget/curl on that URL from within your CircleCI process?

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