Build dies unexpectedly, ssh closes w/ broken pipe

Hi, I’ve got a PR that upgrades a few major dependencies (Rails 4.2 -> Rails 5.0, Elasticsearch 2.4 -> Elasticsearch 5.1, Ruby 2.3 -> Ruby 2.4), but all builds “die unexpectedly” midway through. I don’t see a pattern between the tests the builds fail on.

I tried rebuilding without cache, no luck. I also tried SSHing in to watch what happens when the build dies. When I do SSH in, the connection fails with a Broken Pipe at the same time the build hangs. Attempting to re-SSH in returns “Connection refused”.

Here’s a screenshot of top at the time the build started hanging and the pipe broke:

Here’s a link that build:

Turns out it was a memory issue. Went over the 4gb max. For some reason, the error message wasn’t showing up when I was originally viewing the builds, but now the error message displays on the build.

I was able to fix it with: