Builds died unexpectedly

Recently my builds started to fail reporting the error message: “died unexpectedly”.

See for example:

Even more strangely when I try to re-execute the build with the SSH option, it completes normally. Any ideas on what it could be the cause?


The build you linked to has an error message at the top of the page:

 build has exceeded the memory limit of 4G on 1 container. The results 
of this build are likely invalid. We have taken a snapshot of the memory
 usage at the time, which you can find in a build artifact named  
`memory-usage.txt`. The RSS column in this file shows the amount of 
memory used by each process, measured in kilobytes.

Please check out this doc on how to troubleshoot memory issues.

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it turns out was the problem was the new Gradle daemon introduced with version 3.0.

Disabling it everything is OK.

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So gradle 3 is not supported?

Why not?

It will increase the build time of projects

Gradle launches by default a background daemon to build the project. As far as I understood it consume more memory and make it crash the build.

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thanks for sharing…

Circle Support increased memory limit for us to 8Gb, android gradle plugin 3.0 build works for now.

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