Build and test iOS and Android on same Mac executor setup?

I don’t know about all the in depth functionality of CircleCI’s features, but do know there is an orb or two for Android stuff, there’s probably Android docker images, and there’s a Mac VM execution environment.

What I was wondering is if there is some config option where we can use the Mac VM execution environment with some kind of built in support (or a way to add it easily) for Android support so that one can build and test iOS and Android in the same execution environment. I’d prefer not to have to split it up in a separate job that uses a different environment (Linux VM, docker) for the Android stuff if I didn’t have to. I know I could manually install the Android stuff in the Mac VM environment, but would like the ease of using orbs and other prebuilt stuff that gives me the functionality with less work.

Saw this for TravisCI, don’t know the full details, but that looked simple for combining Mac & Android together: