Branch filtering not working with sample maven orb

Hello everyone. I am new to CircleCI and I am trying to setup the maven for java image for 2.1 while using orbs.

I am playing around with the sample maven config for java provided by the initial setup page.

For some reason I still get build statuses for non-master branches under the project pipelines section even though I have explicitly specified in my config.yaml from the circleci-project-setup branch in my repository to filter for only the master branch.

I get these errors for non master branches.

“No configuration was found in your project.”

This is what my config.yaml looks like in my circleci-project-setup branch inside of my project’s repository.

version: 2.1

  maven: circleci/maven@0.0.12

      - maven/test: # checkout, build, test, and upload test results
              only: master

Do I need to have a config.yaml on every branch of my project?
Why are my filters not working.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi there, when you first add your project to CircleCI we will attempt to build every push, by default.

When we see pushes to your other branches we don’t find a config file in that branch so we show that error message.
Config is branch-local rather than global, it allows you to experiment with new config on a branch without impacting other work going on in parallel.

To fix this there needs to be a config file on the branches that are being pushed, basically once circleci-project-setup is merged to master things will behave as expected.


Thank you so much Gordon! This was exactly what I was looking for.

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