Boolean parameters not accepting single letter values "n" and "y"

According to the documentation, boolean parameters in job, command, or executor definitions can contain values specified in YAML 1.1:


However, when I tried to specify the single-letter values “n”, “N”, “y”, or “Y”, I got a build error:

Type error for argument external_sources: expected type: boolean, actual value: "n" (type string)

Since the docs explicitly claimed to allow the values of the YAML specification, I assumed this would be a parsing bug of boolean parameters. But if this is intended behavior, this should at least be reflected in the documentation. Should I file an issue report in the documentation’s issue tracker instead?
Sorry if I missed something important here and thanks in advance for your help and feedback!

Hi @timolu,

Thanks for reporting this. I was able to recreate the issue locally and have escalated it internally. As a workaround, you can use the below values:

  • True: yes true on
  • False: no false off
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