Blank Values in circle.yml

Hi there!

This is mainly programmer error, but I thought I’d report it as a “bug” to help others. I was running into a “circle-bug” error, and it was being caused by blank values in a circle.yml map.

    - go test -v -race ./...:
           # a "blank" value such as the one below causes a crash:

I managed to fix by simply adding an empty string ("") as the value, but thought I’d make a note here for others. On the upside, I’m now a little smarter with YAML :slight_smile:


This is actually a YAML thing ( You can’t have a “blank” value for a key as that isn’t considered valid. You can have the default for whichever datatype you are using. An empty string, which you used, is okay but there’s also null, which isn’t the same thing as an empty string though.