Blank lines in Docker output

When building Docker images, some output from Docker CLI commands seems to blank (or newlines only). For example, when pulling an image from Docker Hub:


Running locally, output is this:

Sending build context to Docker daemon 3.188 MB
Step 1 : FROM node:0.12
0.12: Pulling from library/node

a719479f5894: Pull complete 
91bac885982d: Pull complete 
8ca313dfa777: Pull complete 
66769fc86d84: Pull complete 
419547a27787: Pull complete 
d365ce6712ad: Pull complete 
6d604a836a90: Pull complete 
4a5cf91d6c23: Pull complete 
8c87ffa8aa3b: Pull complete 
2f3df7d80e12: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:2666c96218d4ca132309d109455f6c276ff230be0c9c39bef8e2096b95705932
Status: Downloaded newer image for node:0.12
 ---> 2f3df7d80e12

This still occurs as of May 2018 (circleci 2.0 spec)

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This happens for me as well. It’s not a big deal for me, but I did wonder what was going on under the hood :smiley_cat:

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