Big changes to the OS X image: Xcode 8.1, Xcode 8.2 beta 1 and a Ruby version manager



We are really pleased after a lot of hard work and long nights to finally bring a Ruby version manager to the OS X image. After long considerations about the tools at hand we chose chruby and ruby-install. Both are very flexible and have minimal impact on the system. Once the new image is rolled out you’ll be able to select one of these Ruby versions: 2.0.0 (system Ruby), 2.1.9, 2.2.5 and 2.3.1, by simply adding a call to chruby to your dependencies block similar to this:

    - chruby 2.3.1

We’re also working on bringing support to a ruby tag in the machine block, like this:

    version: 2.3.1

After that you’ll be able to use all the tools that you’re already familiar with like Fastlane or CocoaPods out of the box.

We’re also excited to bring Xcode 8.1 to the OS X image so that you can target iOS 10.1, tvOS 10.0 and watchOS 3.1. By having it installed in our image you’ll be able to test against the latest official iOS, tvOS and watchOS SDK versions and directly ship it to the App Store once it’s archived.
The last major thing we’ve added to the OS X image is Xcode 8.2 beta 1. As you might have heard, Xcode 8.2 is the last version to support Swift 2.3 and we’re here to help you with green builds on your Swift 3 branches.

You can select once of the new Xcode versions by respectively using

    version: "8.1"


    version: "8.2"

once they’re available. These updates should be available within the next few days and as with all major releases we will put up a new blog post at once the new image is deployed!

Of course we’ve also updated all your favorite tools to the latest and greatest version, like Fastlane and CocoaPods.

If you run into any kind of regressions please feel free to contact our support team.