Xcode 13 Beta 4 Released

The Xcode 13 Beta 4 image has just been released and can be selected as follows:

    xcode: 13.0.0

This image replaces the Xcode 13 Beta 2 image.

Breaking changes in this image

  • Ruby 2.5 via chruby has been removed as Ruby 2.5 is EOL as of April 2021. We continue to provide Ruby 2.6, 2.7 and 3.0
  • We have added nvm to the image to manage nodejs installations. By default we will always ship the latest current and lts releases

Image Info

Xcode 13.0 Build version 13A5201i is installed at /Applications/Xcode-13.0.app

The following runtimes are installed:

  • iOS 15.0
  • tvOS 15.0
  • watchOS 8.0

Note: This image does not ship with iOS/tvOS 14 and watchOS 7 simulator runtimes. We will be adding these in a future release

The full manifest of installed software can be found here

:wave: @bytesguy The link to the manifest of installed software seems to be broken. I’m getting Access Denied.

@bytesguy I’ve been using chruby to set ruby version 2.6.6 for my builds. Since this release of Xcode 13-beta4, it says it can’t find chruby-2.6.6. From your release notes above, it states that you have dropped ruby 2.5 but still support 2.6.
Can you confirm that ruby 2.6.6 is still available via chruby?

Hi, the link was .htmll rather than .html so it is now fixed. I would not recommend pinning the Ruby version to the patch level as we always install the latest patch in each image. It would be better to set this to 2.6, rather than2.6.6 for example. Hope this helps!