Badges for branches containing slashes in their names are broken

Here is a simple example with the feat/circleci branch:

![feat/circleci branch](

result: feat/circleci branch

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Hi @jsamr ,

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This is an interesting edge case, which may require the ability to provide the branch through a parameter rather than in the URL. Another option would be for us to replace the / characters in the branch name with a substitute character.

I will report this bug to the engineering team in charge of status badges and provide you with updates as we work to solve this issue.

@Jaryt I think this is important because the practice can be useful for scenario where multiple releases branches are held in parallel, which is reasonably common, with something along a release/4.x pattern.

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@jsamr I certainly agree. This is valid input on the GitHub end, so not providing support for that format is confusing, and possibly frustrating. This will certainly be looked further into!

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I ran into this same issue. I found that replacing / with %2F works. For example: feat%2Fcircleci


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