Attaching workspace fails the job

I have an E2E test execution workflow. There are two jobs: app build preparation and test execution. App builds are shared via attaching workspaces. The build size of the app is always 100 MB.
I can see in the logs, that the app build is always prepared successfully, but the test execution job randomly failed due to the “Attaching workspace” step. Previously, it always took ~10 sec. But recently I was able to notice that sometimes it takes 30 minutes, or even fails due to 60 minutes timeout limit.
What does it depend on, and why does it take so long or even fail?


There can sometimes be issues with workspaces where the files within are corrupted or there can be an issue with the data transfer causing the issues you have described.

Workspaces are stored for 15 days which is why this will only occur sometimes and then resolve itself.

If this issue occurs we would recommend changing the folder being used for the workspace if possible or if the issue persists changing the folder to a more specific folder.

Our documentation for workspaces can be found below:

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver