Artifact expiration configuration

I have an external CI job that expects an artifact built by Circle CI to exist. But when I went looking for the artifact in my latest build, I saw the following message:

There are no artifacts to show here.

After 30 days, all artifacts associated with a build automatically expire. Since this run is over 30 days old, the artifacts may have been deleted.

The latest build was like 3 months old, so this could certainly explain why I can’t find an artifact.

Is there any way to save an artifact from expiration?

Hello @JasonStoltz,

Welcome to the forum.

Artifact storage is not designed for hosting or long term storage, but as a way to access files from a pipeline both in the UI and via our API.

For longer term storage, artifacts should be saved and/or deployed outside CircleCI (such as s3 storage).

The AWS s3 orb might be a valid solution to move files ot a longer term storage: