ARM + Ubuntu 22 = Error

Why are the ARM runners so much slower?

And why is Ubuntu 22 not available for ARM?

Build-agent version 1.0.127087-912983a7 (2022-06-02T11:35:00+0000)
Creating a dedicated VM with ubuntu-2204:current image
failed to create host: Image ubuntu-2204:current is not supported

failed to create host: Image ubuntu-2204:current is not supported


Hey Gremlin, we would probably need additional information to your reference for the ARM runner being slower, but I can confirm we’re working on getting the 22.04 ARM image out shortly.

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      image: ubuntu-2004:2022.04.1
    resource_class: medium
      image: ubuntu-2004:2022.04.1
    resource_class: arm.medium
build_for-arm64  11m 15s
build_for-amd64   9m 53s

The workload is identical (building a Rust program). The results are consistent independent of the image. They are also consistent for different workloads (like building a Docker image). The results are inverted (as expected) performing the same workload using EC2 machines.

I’m seeing that both are using the medium resource class. One thing to note is that amd64 machines are used significantly more than arm machines and it could be a number of reasons like availability of machines, frequency of api request batching, or providers we use. e.g GCP does not have any ARM instances available

You should be able to see how long the spin-up time is in your build, but in the docs, it’s noted that:

  • There may be up to 2 minutes of spin-up time before your job actually starts running. This time will decrease as more customers start using Arm resources.

Zero seconds for both.

Like the ARM machines are just slower than the AMD machines.