Announcing: Orchestrate model deployment to Amazon SageMaker through CircleCI

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new integration with Amazon SageMaker!

You can now track and manage the deployment of your SageMaker models across multiple environments from within CircleCI, through the Releases UI.

This is made possible through a SageMaker Orb which provides commands to configure and update SageMaker inference endpoints, and deploy model versions to them.
You can find more information in our official documentation.

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Our team is working on new features to improve this SageMaker integration, including one-click rollbacks, control over the number of instances provisioned for a model, real-time monitoring of deployment progress, … all managed through the CircleCI Releases UI.
We are looking for customers keen to become early users to work with us to ensure we build a great experience. If you are interested, sign up for our Beta program!