Android Emulator Tests with Rails Backend

Hi CircleCI folks,
We have an Android app that uses a Ruby on Rails backend, each in their own Git repository. I’d like to set up full end-to-end UI tests of the Android app that check out and spin up the backend. How can I do this?

I know the android machine image supports running Android emulator tests, but can I install my backend from the repository? Can one check out from two repositories at once? Or is this the wrong approach?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

There should be enough resources to support your app and backend. If you need to check it out from a separate repository to spin it up you can do that as well.

We have some instructions here on how to checkout additional private repositories. Basically you need to change the key to a user key that can support additional access:

Provide CircleCI with a GitHub user key in your project’s Project Settings > SSH keys . Scroll down the page to User Key and click Authorize with Github . CircleCI creates and associates this new SSH key with your GitHub user account for access to all your repositories.

From there you can checkout additional projects into the job and try to get them working together. It’s probably easiest to do so from an SSH session to the job.