Allow copying of text with cmd+c

At some point in the last year, copying via keyboard of output stopped working. I did some digging, and it looks like the reason is that output is in a <textarea> field with js to capture all keyboard inputs.

I have no idea why the output is in a <textarea> instead of a <div>, but please fix copying with a keyboard, thanks

@kwstannard do you still have that same issue if you click the “Accessible step output” toggle?

and to clarify, when you say “copying with a keyboard”, do you mean the ability to highlight and then do “cmd/ctrl + c”? or do you mean something else

Yes and Yes.

The accessible output toggle worked. What is the point of inaccessible step output?

Got it. The new step output has some benefits like clickable links and color-coding: [Product Update] New Step Output UI

Unfortunately, the library that’s being used is not fully accessible which is why we have the toggle as an option.