All jobs with deployment are `retired`


I newly introduced the continuous deployment and all jobs run into retired, with the friendly message:

“Looks like we had a bug in our infrastructure, or that of our providers (generally GitHub or AWS). We should have automatically retried this build. We’ve been alerted of the issue and are almost certainly looking into it, please contact us if you’re interested in the cause or if the problem persists.” - So I ended up here :slight_smile:

I don’t get any logs about the deploy process. For deploying I use npm run deploy (grunt, copying, upload to screeps). For testing I use npm test. If I define the deploy command as a test command it works fine, and of course I can see the output.

You can see one of the failes builds here:

Any help is appreciated.


Can you try rebuilding both #932 and #933 now?


Hey, sorry I somehow missed your message. I retriggered both builds. In the mean time there are also a couple of additonal failed builds.


I’ve opened a bug ticket to address this.


Now I feel silly for not catching it. You’re defining a command for commands but it requires a list;

      branch: master
        - grunt
      branch: workspace
        - grunt


That’s fine, I think we are on the same page. I feel stupid, missing that in the documentation. Thanks a lot.

As a suggestion, the error message could be may be improved a bit :wink:

closed #8