Add a option to disable workflow summary auto expand

Currently when you’re on the workflows page (listing all the workflows for a project), the most recent and all the failed one will auto expand their summary (the list of jobs and their status)

It’s a change that has been done on the new UI a few weeks ago, and it’s extremely annoying.

The page jump up and down while you’re scrolling accross all workflow everytime there is a workflow in a failed state. And it also waste space when you only want to show all workflow with the main state without needing to see the jobs details

It will be even more annoying we will want to use the organization page (showing all the workflow across the entire organization) that you plan to bring back to the new UI

Could you please add an option to disable this auto expand ?



Thanks for the feedback @nalmada. We made that change to accommodate for the ~60% of the users on CircleCI who run only one job in one workflow in each pipeline. Wanted to reduce the number of clicks to get to the failing job.

It’s clear though that this causes different problems for those with lots of jobs in the workflow.

We’re exploring different options for the best of both worlds:

  1. Keep expanding all failed workflows, but only show the failed jobs in an expanded workflow

  2. Keep expanding all failed workflows, but have a button-up top that auto-closes all workflows (or perhaps a keyboard shortcut)

  3. Add a toggle up top to auto-expand or auto-collapse every time.

It sounds like your preference is the third one. If we shipped one of the other options would that get you the value you’re looking for?

Kate Catlin
Senior Product Manager, CircleCI


I guess that option 2 could be OK


I’d much prefer option 3, but option 2 would be acceptable (but annoying to have to click it everytime I load the page). This would be especially helpful on mobile

After posting my previous comment I noticed the auto-expand toggle at the top which implements option 3.

Posting this update for any others who sear h