Account suspended without actually violating terms of service

During the build of tor docker image for our services, especially during the cross-compilation step for arm64, the build suddenly got canceled. When I tried restarting the build it says that I have violated the terms of service.
I think I did not and this is a mistake.
You can view the source code at:
Cancelled run:
It is just building docker images and pushing to dockerhub. Could the repository be unblocked? Thanks in advance.
Also submitted a ticket #96667, no reply for 3 days, posting here to speed things up because we will be doing a release soon.

I checked on your ticket and it looks like you’re unblocked now! Let us know if you have any other issues.

Thanks! As I replied in the ticket, the only question is how could I avoid trigerring the automated ban system in the future :smiley: I assume some new system is being integrated as I am not the only one who was blocked (previous thread)?

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We implemented some stricter security measures, which means some innocent accounts get caught in the net, but as far as I know, it shouldn’t happen again. If I hear differently or if you get a different response from Support, let me know!

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