Access files on primary container from secondary container

We have a ruby program that gets data from an upstream source as a CSV file then loads the contents into a postgres database using COPY. We have an rspec that tests this, and it works fine if the database is in the same container as the ruby, however fails if using a 2.0 style secondary container for postgres, I suppose because the CSV file is not present in the secondary container. Is there a way to allow access? I know that commands on secondary containers are not supported, but something like being able to mount a directory from primary on secondary would also work? I think the postgres ram-backed secondary container is significantly faster for our test suite (15mins vs 25mins) so I’m keen to use it if possible.

You can run an initial command on a secondary container to start the database, maybe you could set something up there? I think you are right that you cannot send docker exec commands to the secondary container once it has started though.

Ooooh thanks, hadn’t spotted that, will check it out!

No worries. Check out this config reference, it is extremely handy.

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