Can't ssh to postgres container in multi image mode


I would like to ssh to my Postgres container and not only my primary app container.
How can I do that, CircleCi only offer me one IP on the web interface.

My job :

    resource_class: xlarge
    working_directory: /usr/src/app/
      - image: auchandirect/hive:${CIRCLE_SHA1}
          username: $DOCKER_USER
          password: $DOCKER_PASS
          DB: XX
          DB_USER: X
          DB_PASSWORD: XX

      - image: postgres:10.1
          POSTGRES_DB: XX


You cannot SSH to secondary containers by design. To do so, you’d have to have permissions on the Docker host, but that has access to all customers’ builds, so that’s a no-go. :smiley_cat:

I don’t know the Postgres image, but bear in mind it may not even have a running shell on it, never mind an SSH server - Docker containers often don’t have either.

What do you want to achieve by shelling to the database container? Maybe the problem can be attacked in a different way.


I wanted to get the postgres logs.
I thought the logs from the web interface were just a snapshot at a certain point of a time, in fact they are constantly refreshed. Thx.


Gotcha. Assuming the console output of secondary containers is shown in the UI, perhaps there is a way to redirect the logs to stdout? You have a command key within your images, so you can start up Postgres with whatever options you like.


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