404 for GET on https://registry.npmjs.org/mocha-babel


There is a issue while running node tests on CircleCI. The npm install keeps failing with a 404 while contacting the https://registry.npmjs.org/mocha-babel. Locally, this is working fine.

After SSHing to the machine, running:
curl https://registry.npmjs.org/mocha-babel

is working fine.

and returns

  "_id": "mocha-babel",
  "_rev": "10-f422761443e31e89ac3b8db484f3fcf2",
  "name": "mocha-babel",
  "time": {
    "modified": "2015-05-21T15:16:35.783Z",
    "created": "2015-03-26T16:10:19.787Z",
    "2.2.1": "2015-03-26T16:10:19.787Z",
    "2.2.0": "2015-03-26T16:19:55.481Z",
    "0.0.1": "2015-03-26T16:47:40.807Z",
    "1.0.0": "2015-04-11T03:36:20.635Z",
    "3.0.0": "2015-05-21T15:16:35.783Z",
    "unpublished": {
      "name": "jorgetolentinog",
      "time": "2016-01-10T16:17:10.914Z",
      "tags": {
        "latest": "3.0.0"
      "maintainers": [
          "name": "jorgetolentinog",
          "email": "jorge.tolentino.g@gmail.com"
      "versions": [
  "_attachments": {}

Please help! This seems to be happening on only one of the branches.


Sorry for the delay.

Could you try increasing the number of retries for the npm install command?