Failing Builds - Action failed: npm install

Noticed the other day the following Build errors started to come in

npm install
bash: line 1: npm: command not found

npm install returned exit code 127

Action failed: npm install

For all builds / Branches, even those with no changes. Thought it might just be an NPM outage thing, but we are now on day 2. Still having them. Nothing has been altered on our end. Curious if anyone has seen it and can recommend a course of actions to debug?

Also just verified even older tagged releases that had passed circle-ci are now failing during the startup of the test runner on circle-ci. :thinking:

Are you using Circle 1.0 or 2.0? What base image are you using, and are you using the Docker or Machine executor?

I’ve continued to work the issue, I’m on circle 1.0 not using Docker. Simple build for a django/react app.

Going to upgrade to Circle 2, and see if that helps.

Yes, upgrading to 2.0 would be a good idea anyway, as 1.0 will be retired in a few months. I am not familiar with 1.0, but since it is just changing a YAML file, I don’t imagine it would be too much work.

looks fairly like a minor adjustment :slight_smile:

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