Xcodebuild becomes default iOS build command



Throughout the last few weeks we have seen an increased number of requests related to unexpected timeouts in iOS builds when using Xcode 7.3. We think this might be related to this issue with xctool.

To make sure that the fewest projects possible are affected by this xctool problem, we are planning on making xcodebuild the default inference command for iOS builds.

Existing iOS projects that are not overriding the test section in the circle.yml will start using xcodebuild instead of xctool on the 19th of April. If you would still like to use xctool after that date, you can add the xctool command to your circle.yml, as shown in the example here.

If you already are overriding the test section of your iOS project’s circle.yml, you will not be affected by this change.

EDIT: Originally the planned switchover date was the 12th of April, and we have decided to instead move it to the 19th of April for technical reasons. We appreciate your patience.