Xcode 9 build failures due to Code signing errors in Pods/



I’m having code signing issues using the new Xcode 9 build image for Pods. Everything runs perfectly locally but will return issues when pushed to the git repo.

Please find the error below:

Code Signing Error: AFNetworking does not support provisioning profiles. AFNetworking does not support provisioning profiles, but provisioning profile NO_SIGNING/ has been manually specified. Set the provisioning profile value to “Automatic” in the build settings editor.

Please advise on how to set “Automatic” in Build Settings for Pods using xcodebuild.


Answered my own question -

Added this to the Podfile

post_install do |installer|
installer.pods_project.build_configurations.each do |config|
config.build_settings[‘PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER’] = ''


This fixes an issue with Cocoapods 1.3.1 setting PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER to NO_SIGNING/ which breaks the archiving action on Xcode 9.