Xcode 9 beta 6 lacks Apple TV Simulator



Hey guys, this is my first post here so please bear with me if I forgot about something.

As the title says, there is a problem with Apple TV Simulator in new Xcode 9 Beta 6, that was released today. I’m 100% positive it’s this beta issue as it stopped working once the beta was rolled out. Logs are also convincing:

Instruments Usage Error: Unknown device specified: "Apple TV 1080p (11.0)"

Moreover, the list of known devices doesn’t see any Apple TV device at all:

Known Devices:
Distiller’s Mac (3) [564DE14F-D562-6B0E-095A-3B0FC254343F]
Apple Watch - 38mm (4.0) [EB106AB4-F1D1-4C93-8207-979CCBB699F4] (Simulator)
Apple Watch - 42mm (4.0) [026E906D-18CE-427D-A4AF-312AB8287D33] (Simulator)
iPad (5th generation) (11.0) [209D7545-5CF1-4BC4-8C4A-C70D4953D898] (Simulator)
iPad Air (10.2) [D129482A-AF1E-44CA-B2B7-58B346C6E69B] (Simulator)
iPad Air (11.0) [99D0698F-965D-41B5-9420-EF87A05111C6] (Simulator)
iPad Air 2 (10.2) [161B7EFB-8DB5-4969-A642-806C1602346D] (Simulator)
iPad Air 2 (11.0) [6D56B7A6-804B-4893-9A61-37D32B761C3F] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (11.0) [FBF8332E-9B6B-4983-9859-2AB82F56DA79] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (10.2) [C030E3B9-FE2D-4389-B17A-F06BAE75E138] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (11.0) [F10F13F4-7ECF-4014-A8F2-7A167535BB5B] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (11.0) [E6BF1F84-14C2-4998-A7FD-BED4F207720D] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (9.7 inch) (10.2) [29AB022A-92CC-47A2-B2CA-BABFC4472654] (Simulator)
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (11.0) [CF6E1343-AD46-4D9E-AFC8-585D381A9BA3] (Simulator)
iPhone 5 (10.2) [C28543A5-3C2E-4D21-BC0A-6BE1D5289632] (Simulator)
iPhone 5s (10.2) [ED024782-C47C-4BB9-9C08-161A6C72456A] (Simulator)
iPhone 5s (11.0) [8ECDB7D8-44B2-4508-8E50-DEAFB2C8271E] (Simulator)
iPhone 6 (10.2) [CD3F676C-E76D-460F-A123-7EAF4BE97A2C] (Simulator)
iPhone 6 (11.0) [0C9810EB-20FD-4A7E-9FD9-4A54C68165D6] (Simulator)
iPhone 6 Plus (10.2) [E5012D79-8722-4FFB-84AA-63059179EBEC] (Simulator)
iPhone 6 Plus (11.0) [6A7CB919-8D19-4017-BEDF-DC9806FB3E7D] (Simulator)
iPhone 6s (10.2) [61D077E3-5B55-4FD4-BC9B-A3FA94BA5C7E] (Simulator)
iPhone 6s (11.0) [6696D2C7-DE67-4D19-A0CA-94D7139D75FC] (Simulator)
iPhone 6s Plus (10.2) [9F3C5C84-43EA-4D4A-82A2-0A8C6D917F13] (Simulator)
iPhone 6s Plus (11.0) [2C697E14-5FD7-460D-BB6C-071AAA496D16] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 (10.2) [FE1A0AF3-A759-4328-A0E9-D308C5989615] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 (11.0) [1A73B555-26ED-4E5A-94E0-57E735595425] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 (11.0) + Apple Watch Series 2 - 38mm (4.0) [99394D75-CA75-4273-BB2C-60F79CFFF66D] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 Plus (10.2) [EF17DD41-B242-4B34-BFC3-1A7BF3A4FFE2] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 Plus (11.0) [7F3EAB8A-F061-4526-8EFE-E09587C927F3] (Simulator)
iPhone 7 Plus (11.0) + Apple Watch Series 2 - 42mm (4.0) [1359C60C-A22C-4483-8D82-64941680B43D] (Simulator)
iPhone SE (10.2) [290BA7DC-4E79-4D87-875A-A9B417F4CF70] (Simulator)
iPhone SE (11.0) [692FD34F-88A7-4130-BB2D-9B9929E3CD53] (Simulator)

Whole log should be seen on our build at Moya, here:



Hi Lukasz,

I’ve generated our docs of the images here: https://circle-macos-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/image-manifest/build-173/index.html

We install xcode and the default simulators, it looks like Apple has removed tvOS from the default installed versions. The diff of what we have installed versus Beta 5 is here: https://github.com/circleci/macos-image-tests/commit/eec748665a6d02a5b35ab3cc26dfdc5b05226491

We will have to generate a new image with the tvOS simulator installed, so it might take us a couple of days before we have it live.

What are your requirements for the image? What simulators and SDKs are you using?



Hey @marc, thank you for a very quick answer!

I believe we just need this one Apple TV simulator which is gone.

Right now we (were)are using:

  • macOS (latest)
  • iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 (iOS 11)
  • Apple TV 1080p (iOS 11)

But we probably will want to use watchOS as well sometime in the future, so watch simulator would be awesome to have (and probably is now).

So, to sum up: please add this Apple TV simulator to what we already have and we will be happy :smile:

Also, question for additional points, would it be possible to use this image in the new Circle 2.0?



Hi Lukasz,

I’ve been looking for a tvOS 11 Simulator, and there isn’t one installed by Xcode 9 Beta 6, and I can’t find a way to install one separately.

The only simulators available officially are: 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 10.0, 10.1, 10.2.

I could possibly look at extracting the simulator from beta 5 and installing it on beta 6, but I’ve never tried that before.

Do you have any ideas?




PS: we are working as fast as we can on macOS support in 2.0 - we’ll have it real soon now!


@marc Hmm, I think that this should be probably temporary remove from the beta, so I think we might just use 10.2 simulator for Apple TV in the meantime. At least it would be probably the easiest to achieve?

What do you think?