Xcode 6.4 Test Failures Interface Builder Cocoa Touch Tool

So we are using Xcode 6.4 to build our project and haven’t really modified our circle.yml file much, but all of a sudden all of tests are failing on CircleCi on every branch. I’ve tested our tests locally and the seem to run fine. I get the multiple errors below that all look the same when it tries to compile.

2015-11-17 04:37:38.486 Interface Builder Cocoa Touch Tool[1943:9010] CoreUI: CUICatalog: couldn't get 'kMGArtworkDeviceIdiom' from MGCopyAnswer got '{ ArtworkDeviceScaleFactor = "-1"; }'

I’m guessing this may have to do with the storyboard or assets? I’ve seen people have this issue on Xcode 7, but not 6.4.

We haven’t seen this issue previously. Is this still happening for you?

From the error message, looks like one of the properties on an object has an invalid format, could that be true?

I was since we are using Xcode 6.4 I was able to set the iOS version to 8.4 and now my tests pass. I still do see the multiple errors, but it doesn’t affect the build like it did on iOS 9. I ultimately think it has something to do with scaling images the storyboard, since it has the same number of errors as I have images. I double checked how I was adding them to xcassets but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Great to hear that your tests are passing now! And sorry for not having any ideas around the image scaling.