Xcode 15 Unable to find build settings - ACTION and SRCROOT

When upgrading to Xcode 15, running scripts fail because of unbound variables for ACTION and SRCROOT. It seems that these variables aren’t being set by CircleCI and this is preventing us from being able to release iOS 17 features.

These are the error messages we receive: line 7: SRCROOT: unbound variable

@aslattum-addepar these variables have never been set by our images or at runtime. At least in the case of SRCROOT this is something set by Xcode as it points to the project.

@bytesguy It seems like this is exclusively an M1 mac issue as it doesn’t happen if you use an x86 machine. This also doesn’t occur locally for me.

@aslattum-addepar Both of these environment variables are set by Xcode itself when it executes scripts:

These are not variables we set, so the issue must be with Xcode itself or your project configuration.

Both Xcode 14.3.1 and 15 on M1 show the variable is not set by default (this is also consistent with the same images on Intel Gen2):

Hmm okay thanks for the information and the investigation. I appreciate it!

No problem :slight_smile: fwiw I have not seen any other reports of this behaviour so that would lead me to assume it may be project related, rather than a bug/issue in Xcode (though that is not definitive of course!)

@bytesguy after doing some more debugging, it seems like we are running into this issue now. Bad CPU type in executable. This seems more related to underlying depenedency issue than anything else. Something interesting I did find though is that even with that resolved, I’m still running into timeout errors when simulators are booting which I assume is related to https://discuss.circleci.com/t/severe-performance-problems-with-xcode-15/49205/27

This seems like an Apple issue with Xcode 15. Are you all investigating anything else on it for your side?

@aslattum have you ever solved this? I am running into similar issue with shell script not working as expected (using SRCROOT) when running on m1 runner, but works completely fine on intel runner on xcode 15