Xcode 11.4.1 Released

The Xcode 11.4.1 image has just been released and can be selected as follows:

    xcode: 11.4.1

A note about Python

Python 2 has been reinstated in this image - you can call Python 2 with python and pip , while Python 3 can be called with python3 and pip3 . However, Python 2 has been officially deprecated by Homebrew. We have installed Python 2 in this image by using a custom Tap. This should be a valid workaround for now, but will fully removed from our Xcode images once we move to the next major macOS version.

The main changes in this image are:

  • macOS 10.15.4
  • Xcode is 11.4.1 (11E503a) installed at /Applications/Xcode-11.4.1.app

Minor software changes:

  • Ruby 2.5.8, 2.6.6, 2.7.1 (available to chruby )
  • Git 2.26.1
  • NodeJS 13.13.0_1
  • Fastlane 2.145.0
  • Command Line Tools

The full manifest of installed software can be found here.

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