Xcode 10.1 unable to find destination

^D^Dxcodebuild: error: Unable to find a destination matching the provided destination specifier:
{ platform:iOS Simulator, OS:12.1, name:iPhone 6 }

The requested device could not be found because no available devices matched the request.

Ineligible destinations for the "Example" scheme:
	{ platform:iOS, id:dvtdevice-DVTiPhonePlaceholder-iphoneos:placeholder, name:Generic iOS Device }
	{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:dvtdevice-DVTiOSDeviceSimulatorPlaceholder-iphonesimulator:placeholder, name:Generic iOS Simulator Device }

Exited with code 70

Hi @srinivas-kurakula Are you still seeing this issue? Could you try pre-starting the simulators?

when I try to prelaunch the simulators I’m getting timeout exception (taking more than 10 minutes)

I tried with the following commands

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
xcrun instruments -w “iPhone 7 (12.1) [” || true
^D^DToo long with no output (exceeded 10m0s)

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
xcrun instruments -w “iPhone 7 (12.1) [8CE9107F-D0EB-4FB7-95E1-563AB4E48B8C]” || true
^D^DToo long with no output (exceeded 10m0s)

Im getting this error while deploying to TestFlight

error: Multiple commands produce ‘/Users/distiller/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/-* gtnfywrcagsdbqfvcshvmusmdniq/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ArchiveIntermediates/ /BuildProductsPath/Release-iphoneos/*****.swiftmodule/arm64.swiftmodule’:

this solution may be work
Can you change the Xcode workspace settings (Xcode->File->BuildSystem(New Build System to Legacy Build System)

Hi @srinivas-kurakula ,

We have implemented a change to the macOS VMs that should resolve the simulator not available issues. Do let us know if you continue to see this.

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